Who are we?

Rodriguez Alarcon are a family business with 20 years experience in the field of decoration and interior design. From the beginning our goal has been customer satisfaction.

In Rodriguez Alarcon design spaces offering a wide range of decorating services, providing personalized attention and tailored to the needs, requirements and preferences. Rodriguez Alarcon born to listen, to guide, advise and resolve all doubts and technical problems you may have.

Our philosophy:

Enthusiasm and exclusivity: Each project we treat it with great enthusiasm and getting involved to the maximum illusion. We customize the most of every project, every idea. The decor passionate about, because the spaces are always a thousand possibilities, just have to know them and adapt them to our preferences.

Accessibility: We are those who think that the decorators are not just for the few. Therefore we offer a range of rates for the best value in the market and always with advice from our fully trained and equipped with professional means you better.

Professionalism and training: Rodriguez Alarcon is in constant contact with industry manufacturers to inform all customers of the latest decorating trends and developments in materials for the installation of all our products so that the result is most satisfactory and lasting for our customers.



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